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Vladimir Solov`ev

Is not an employee of the Institute
Department: Laboratory of Legume Genetics and Evolution
Position: Research Engineer
Room: 1202, 3104
Email: sol_vlad@bionet.nsc.ru
Work phone: +7(383) 363-49-63*1202


2017 Odonata found in mid-summer 2015 and 2016 at the north-westernmost Black Sea Coast of the Caucasus, with the first record of Cordulegaster picta Selys, 1854 in Russian Federation
Kosterin O.E., Solovyev V.I.
[International Dragonfly Fund Report]
2015 Genetic integrity of four species of Leptidea (Pieridae, Lepidoptera) as sampled in sympatry in West Siberia
Solovyev V.I., Ilinsky Y., Kosterin O.E.
Range of a Palearctic uraniid moth Eversmannia exornata (Lepidoptera: Uraniidae: Epipleminae) was split in the Holocene, as evaluated using histone H1 and COI genes with reference to the Beringian disjunction in the genus Oreta (Lepidoptera: Drepanidae).
Solovyev V.I., Bogdanova V.S., Dubatolov V.V., Kosterin O.E.
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