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Ol`ga Petrovskaya

Department: Project Management Sector
Room: 5401
Email: popik-olga@bionet.nsc.ru
Work phone: +7 (383) 363-49-63*5401


2017 A study of structural properties of gene network graphs for mathematical modeling of integrated mosaic gene networks
Olga V. Petrovskaya, Evgeny D. Petrovskiy, Inna N. Lavrik and Vladimir A. Ivanisenko
[Journal of Bioinformatics and Computational Biology]
Integrated mathematical models for describing complex biological processes.
Mishchenko E. L., Petrovskaya O. V., Mishchenko A. M., Petrovskiy E. D., Ivanisenko N. V., Ivanisenko V. A.
2016 Mosaic gene network modelling identified new regulatory mechanisms in HCV infection.
Popik OV, Petrovskiy ED, Mishchenko EL, Lavrik IN, Ivanisenko VA.
NACE: A web-based tool for prediction of intercompartmental efficiency of human molecular genetic networks
Olga V. Popik, Timofey V. Ivanisenko, Olga V. Saik, Evgeny D. Petrovskiy, Inna N. Lavrik, Vladimir A. Ivanisenko
2014 Analysis of signaling networks distributed over intracellular compartments based on protein-protein interactions
Popik, O. V., Saik, O. V., Petrovskiy, E. D., Sommer, B., Hofest├Ądt, R., Lavrik, I. N., Ivanisenko, V. A.
2011 Computational method for solving of the Cauchy problem for stiff systems of ordinary differential equations based on multilink interpolated Hermite polynomials
Latypov A.F., Popik O.V
[Computational technologies]
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