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Sergey Mursalimov, Cand. Sci. (Biol.)

Department: Laboratory of Plant Bioengineering
Pluralist: Laboratory of optimization of recombinant proteins biosynthesis¶in plant expression systems
Scientific Educational Department
Position: Researcher
Room: 1109, 1124, 2124, 3216
Email: mursalimov@bionet.nsc.ru
Work phone: +7 (383) 363-49-63*1109


2017 Analysis of cytomixis in tobacco microsporocytes with confocal laser scanning microscopy
Sergey Mursalimov, Yuri Sidorchuk, Elena Deineko
Behavior of nucleolus in the tobacco male meiocytes involved in cytomixis
Sergey Mursalimov, Yuriy Sidorchuk, Elena Deineko
[Cell Biology International]
Cytomixis in tobacco microsporogenesis: are there any genome parts predisposed to migration?
Sergey Mursalimov, Elena Deineko
Evaluation of DNA damage in tobacco male meiocytes involved in cytomixis using comet assay
Sergey Mursalimov, Alla Zagorskaya, Elena Deineko
2016 A rise of ploidy level influences the rate of cytomixis in tobacco male meiosis
Sergey Mursalimov, Yuri Sidorchuk, Dmitri Demidov, Armin Meister, Elena Deineko
Efficiency of the Induction of Cytomixis in the Microsporogenesis of Dicotyledonous (N. tabacum L.) and Monocotyledonous (H. distichum L.) Plants by Thermal Stress
Yu.V. Sidorchuk, E.A. Kravets, S.R. Mursalimov, S.G. Plokhovskaya I.I. Goryunova, A.I. Yemets, Y.B. Blume, and E.V. Deineko
Intra- and Intertissular Cytomictic Interactions in the Microsporogenesis of Mono- and Dicotyledonous Plants
E.A. Kravets, Yu.V. Sidorchukb, I.I. Horyunovaa, S.H. Plohovskaya, S.R. Mursalimov, E.V. Deineko, A.I. Yemets, Ya.B. Blume
Оценка эффективности использования температурного стресса для индукции цитомиксиса в микроспорогенезе двудольных (N. tabacum L.) и однодольных (H. distichum L.) растений
Ю.В. Сидорчук, Е. А. Кравец, С.Р. Мурсалимов, С.Г. Плоховская, И.И. Горюнова, А.И. Емец, Я.Б. Блюм, Е.В. Дейнеко
2015 Cytomixis doesn’t induce obvious changes in chromatin modifications and programmed cell death in tobacco male meiocytes
Mursalimov S, Permyakova N, Deineko E, Houben A and Demidov D
[Frontiers in Plant Science]
Distribution of telomeres in the tobacco meiotic nuclei during cytomixis
Sergey Mursalimov*, Yuri Sidorchuk, Sergey Baiborodin and Elena Deineko
[Cell Biology International]
How cytomixis can form unreduced gametes in tobacco
Sergey R. Mursalimov, Elena V. Deineko
2013 New insights into cytomixis: specific cellular features and prevalence in higher plants
Mursalimov S., Sidorchuk Yu., Deineko E.
2012 An ultrastructural study of microsporogenesis in tobacco line SR1
Mursalimov SR, Deineko EV
The role of spherosome-like vesicles in formation of cytomictic channels between tobacco microsporocytes
Mursalimov S., Sidorchuk Yu., Deineko E.
2011 An ultrastructural study of cytomixis in tobacco pollen mother cells
Mursalimov S.R., Deineko E.V.
2010 Особенности формирования цитомиктических каналов в материнских клетках пыльцы Nicotiana tabacum L
Мурсалимов С.Р., Байбородин С.И., Сидорчук Ю.В., Шумный В.К., Дейнеко Е.В.
2009 Цитомиксис в образцах из природных популяций DACTYLIS GLOMERATA L. (POACEAE)
Мурсалимов С.Р., Дейнеко Е.В.
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