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Dmitriy Zhechev

Is not an employee of the Institute
Department: Sector of Molecular Mechanisms of Protein–Nucleic Acid Interactions
Position: Senior Research Assistant
Room: 1315
Email: zhechev@bionet.nsc.ru
Work phone: +7 (383) 363-49-63*1315


2017 Candidate SNP markers of familial and sporadic Alzheimer's diseases are predicted by a significant change in the affinity of TATA-Binding protein for human gene promoters.
Ponomarenko P, Chadaeva I, Rasskazov DA, Sharypova E, Kashina EV, Drachkova I, Zhechev D, Ponomarenko MP, Savinkova LK, Kolchanov N
[Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience]
SNP_TATA_Comparator: genomewide landmarks for preventive personalized medicine.
Ponomarenko M, Rasskazov D, Chadaeva I, Sharypova E, Ponomarenko P, Arkova O, Kashina E, Ivanisenko N, Zhechev D, Savinkova L, Kolchanov N.
[Frontiers In Bioscience ("Scholar" Edition)]
2016 Структурное моделирование мод связывания НАД+ с ПАРП-1
Иванисенко Н.В., Жечев Д.А., Иванисенко В.А.
[Вавиловский журнал генетики и селекции]
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