Accounting System of Scientific Activity (ASSA)



Academic Secretary's Office

Accountant's office

Accounts department

Administrative Office

Building Management

Cell Biology Department

Center for Applied Biotechnologies

Center of Brain Neurobiology and Neurogenetics

Center of preclinical studies at the Center for Genetic Resources of Laboratory Animals

Chief Engineer's Office

Common Use Centerfor Gene Pools of Fur and Farm Animals

Common Use Center for Microscopy of Biologic Objects, SB RAS

Common Use Center for Proteomic Studies

Communication and Editorial Department

Department of Molecular Mechanisms of Development

Department of Experimental Animal Genetic Resources

Department of Human Molecular Genetics

Department of Insects Genetics

Department of Molecular Biotechnologies

Department of financial planning

Department of maintenance of the rendered services

Department of the summary reporting and internal audit

Design Department


Electrical Superintendent's Office

Extrabudgetary units

Financial and economic service

Genomic selection of cereals

HR department

Health center

Historical Museum of Siberian Genetics

Interinstitutional Center of Human Molecular Epidemiology and Evolution

Interinstitutional Center of Molecular Paleogenetics

Interinstitutional Junior Sector for Industrial Microbiology

International Laboratory of Molecular Mechanisms of Regeneration

Laboratory for Environmental Education

Laboratory for Modeling Neural Disorders

Laboratory for neurogenomics of neurotrophic factors

Laboratory of Artificial Plant Growth

Laboratory of Behavioral Neurogenomics

Laboratory of Cell Differentiation Mechanisms

Laboratory of Cell Models of Human Disease

Laboratory of Computer-Assisted Proteomics

Laboratory of Developmental Epigenetics

Laboratory of Developmental Genetics

Laboratory of Epigenetics of Stress

Laboratory of Evolutionary Bioinformatics and Theoretical Genetics

Laboratory of Evolutionary Genetics

Laboratory of Functional Neurogenomics

Laboratory of Gene Engineering

Laboratory of Gene Expression Regulation

Laboratory of Human Molecular Genetics

Laboratory of Induced Cell Processes

Laboratory of Legume Genetics and Evolution

Laboratory of Molecular Biotechnologies

Laboratory of Molecular Genetic Systems

Laboratory of Molecular Mechanisms of Aging

Laboratory of Molecular Mechanisms of Pathological Processes

Laboratory of Optogenetics

Laboratory of Physiological Genetics

Laboratory of Physiological Genetics and Genomic Engineering

Laboratory of Plant Bioengineering

Laboratory of Plant Molecular Genetics and Cytogenetics

Laboratory of Populational Ethnogenetics

Laboratory of Recombination and Segregation Analysis

Laboratory of Stress Genetics

Laboratory of Systems Genetics

Laboratory of cell and tissue engineering

Laboratory of genetic basis of domestication

Laboratory of genome editing technologies

Laboratory of infectious disease genomics

Laboratory of livestock molecular genetics and breeding

Laboratory of molecular and genetic mechanisms of neurodegenerative processes

Laboratory of molecular genetics of insects

Laboratory of molecular-genetic bases of plant architectonics

Laboratory of optimization of recombinant proteins biosynthesis¶in plant expression systems

Laboratory of paleogenetic studies of Eurasian populations

Laboratory of pharmacogenetics of depression

Laboratory of regulation of lipid-carbohydrate metabolism

Laboratory of the Chromosome Engineering of Cereals

Laboratory of the Evolutionary Genomics of Cereals

Laboratory of the Genetics of Experimental Animals

Laboratory of the Morphology and Function of Subcellular Components

Laboratory of the Systems Biology of Programmed Cell Death

Legal Department

Mammalian genomics and evolution


Masters Course

Mechanisms of genome stability

Molecular Genetics Department

Postgraduate Course

Potato genetic markers

Project Management Sector

Protection and Emergency Service

Purchase Department

Radionuclide Department

Repair and Maintenance Department

Russian Science Foundation laboratories

SPF Vivarium

Science support units

Scientific Educational Department

Scientific units

Sector for Genomic Studies

Sector for Intellectual Property Protection

Sector for Technical Support of the Dissertation Council

Sector for computer analysis and simulations of biological systems

Sector of Cell Collections

Sector of Cell Cycle Genetics

Sector of Cell Molecular Physiology

Sector of Cell Technologies

Sector of Chironomid Evolutionary Genomics

Sector of Cryopreservation and Reproductive Technologies

Sector of Genetic Collections of Neural Disorders

Sector of Genomic mechanisms of ontogenesis

Sector of Grain Quality Genetics

Sector of Molecular Mechanisms of Protein–Nucleic Acid Interactions

Sector of Mutagenesis and Reparation

Sector of Plant Cytogenetics

Sector of Scientific Advisors

Sector of Social Behavior Neurogenetics

Sector of Structural Cellular Biology

Sector of Systems Biology of Plant Morphogenesis

Sector of Wheat Genetics

Sector of embryo-transplantation technologies of farm animals

Sector of plant chemical biology

Sector of the Functional Genetics of Cereals

Security service of work and ecological safety

Service departments

Services of protection of the federal research center and counteraction to emergency situations

Staff office

Systems Biology Department

Telecommunications and Electronic Service

Transportation and Farm Machine Department

Vivarium for Conventional Animals

Сonstruction department

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