Accounting System of Scientific Activity (ASSA)


Laboratories Russian Science Foundation

Extrabudgetary units


Genomic selection of cereals
Laboratory for Modeling Neural Disorders
Laboratory for neurogenomics of neurotrophic factors
Laboratory of Cell Models of Human Disease
Laboratory of Epigenetics of Stress
Laboratory of Optogenetics
Laboratory of Physiological Genetics and Genomic Engineering
Laboratory of Plant Transcriptomics
Laboratory of cell and tissue engineering
Laboratory of cold stress in plants
Laboratory of genetic basis of domestication
Laboratory of genome editing technologies
Laboratory of infectious disease genomics
Laboratory of molecular and genetic mechanisms of neurodegenerative processes
Laboratory of molecular genetics of Opisthorchidae liver flukes
Laboratory of molecular-genetic bases of plant architectonics
Laboratory of optimization of recombinant proteins biosynthesis¶in plant expression systems
Laboratory of paleogenetic studies of Eurasian populations
Laboratory of pharmacogenetics of depression
Laboratory of regulation of lipid-carbohydrate metabolism
Laboratory of the Evolutionary Genomics of Cereals
Laboratory of the Systems Biology of Programmed Cell Death
Mammalian genomics and evolution
Potato genetic markers

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